Medela Harmony manual breastpump
Medela Harmony manual breastpump

This manual breastpump is ideal for mothers who only express milk occasionally and do not want to miss the usual feel of their baby.

  • With 2-Phase Expression
  • Ergonomic swivel handle
  • Gently massaging SoftFit Breastshield
  • Fewer parts than other manual breastpumps

Harmony has 2-Phase Expression which imitates the baby’s natural sucking rhythm and is therefore comfortable and efficient. The innovative technology is based on state-of-the-art research and brings the breastfeeding mother all-round comfort and convenience.

  • Proven to feel most like a baby
  • Proven to get more milk in less time
  • Proven to achieve faster milk ejection and faster milk flow

2-phase chart



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