Rearz cotton prefolds (1/2 dozen)
Rearz cotton prefolds (1/2 dozen)

Rearz prefolds are manufactured to the strictest Oeko-tex standards, third party testing ensures they contain no heavy metals or armful chemical residues in the finished product. 

Cotton prefolds offer an economical, effective cloth diaper option.  Thirsty and quick absorbing, they are easy to wash.  

These prefolds are 4 x 8 x 4 (8 layers of absorbency through the middle, 4 layers of absorbency on either side).


Preolds are a versatile, easy-to-use option.  Simply fold them in thirds and lie them directly in a diaper cover, or use a Snappi to fasten the diaper on your little one to achieve a trimmer fit (handy in the first few weeks of your baby's life).


Infant prefolds fit approximately 8-20 lbs, they measure 14" x 16"

Medium prefolds fit approximately 15-30+ lbs, they measure 16" x 18".




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