Spicebox 1-2-3 Knit!
Spicebox 1-2-3 Knit!
Simple and Charming Designs to Make With Knitting!
Fun finger knitting, arm knitting and classic knitting for kids! There is something magical about transforming a ball of yarn into unique clothes, accessories and gifts. Kids will learn how to knit with their fingers, arms and a pair of knitting needles so they can make cool creations like a hair bow, a monster mug cozy, a rainbow scarf and more!

This Knitting Kit Includes:

- 1 Instruction Book

- 4 Skeins of Acrylic Yarn

- 2 Colorful Knitting Needles

- 1 Yarn Needle

- 1 Craft Glue

- 1 Plastic Bangle

- felt, and more!



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