Grimm's Waterwaves
Grimm's Waterwaves

Splash out on this versatile natural toy - a set of six wooden waves, each a different shade of blue.  Split them up and sit them on top of a blue scarf to make a choppy sea, or balance them on top of each other to make giant waves.  They are perfect for playing with the Grimm's land yacht set and young children will enjoy stacking, sorting and building with the waves for years to come.  They make excellent tunnels for toy cars, farm fences and adventure playgrounds for dolls, and will brighten up any mantelpiece when they are eventually outgrown. 

This set is made from lime wood and has been treated with a non-toxic water based color stain.  This natural finish allows the natural grain of the wood to shine through and ensures that these wave blocks are safe for young children. 

This set measures 22cm long and is sutable from 12 months.



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