Schleich Rodeo Bull (13816)
Schleich Rodeo Bull (13816)


Rodeo bulls are given high-quality feed to ensure they are fit and healthy for the arena. At a weight of 700–1,000 kg, they are not exceptionally heavy, but they are extremely agile and strong.

Bull riding is the most spectacular rodeo event. It’s not just the riders who get scored on their performance, but the bulls too. The higher and stronger they buck, the better. Famous rodeo bulls can cost up to €450,000 and are later used for breeding. It is hoped that their inclination to buck will be passed on to their offspring. There are mechanical bulls too. These can often be seen at big events. The record for the longest ride is two minutes and 15 seconds.

Fun fact

Just like some people are left-handed and some people are right-handed, rodeo bulls also prefer to go a particular direction once the chute is opened.



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