Chandra's Magic Light - A Story in Nepal
Chandra's Magic Light - A Story in Nepal

(Author: Theresa Heine  Illustrator: Judith Gueyfier)

Chandra knows a solar lamp will light her family's home high in the Himalayas and help her brother breathe easily at night. But how can she earn enough money to buy one? A heartwarming story of two resourceful sisters who bring the safety of solar-powered light to their family.

"When Chandra and Deena learn about solar tukis, they are determined to have one to replace the kerosene lamp that is making their little brother ill. They gather wild rhododendrons from the hills and sell them in the market, earning the money they need for a tuki.The simplicity of this story is complemented by the exuberance of the illustrations. Rich mauves, deep maroons, an array of greens, and pale sunlight hues depict rural Nepali life in authentic, refreshing detail....An appendix provides information about Nepal, rendering this a satisfying balance of fact and fiction." -- Amina Chaudri, Booklist

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