Since 2002, we have been featured in a variety of local media outlets.  We are recognized as the area's foremost authority on cloth diapers. Yes, a lofty claim, but true nonetheless. 

- July 2009 we presented two segments on A-Channel Morning about washing washing cloth diapers and babywearing.

- May 2009 we filmed a segment for A-Chanel Morning about how easy to use cloth diapers are, and how much money families can save by switching to cloth diapers.

- October 2008 CBC's Living in Ottawa filmed a segment at the store that profiled our wide selection of cloth diapers.

- April 2008 CTV came to the store to film a piece about cloth diapers.

- April 2007 the New RO filmed a Living Green segment at our shop that explored the environmental benefits of using cloth diapers.

- April 2004 the Ottawa Citizen featured a prominent profile of our business model, our educational approach to selling diapers (unique at the time, lol) was starting to garner attention.

In addition to these media appearances, we have been asked to speak regularly at parenting events.