Indestructibles rip-free books
Indestructibles rip-free books
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baby babble wiggle flutter fly
mama and baby plip plop baby faces
baby night night peekaboo  

Indestructibles™ introduces a revolutionary new baby book invented by a mother of triplets who wanted to share books with her babies, hassle-free. They are water-proof, tear-resistant, and baby-durable, making them the perfect books for babies who "read" with their little hands and mouths.

Tear Resistant - made of ultra-durable tightwoven material

  • Waterproof - can be chewed on, sucked on, and washed(!)
  • Emergent Literacy Tool - wordless pictures encourage dialogic reading
  • Portable - simple stitch binding allows them to slide easily into a diaper bag
  • Safe for Baby - meets ASTM safety standards
  • Anybody who's ever watched a baby knows what will happen with anything he gets his little hands on--he'll put it straight to his mouth! Books are no exception. In fact, paper seems to be a favorite material for chewing, crinkling, crunching, wrinkling, sucking on, and playing with. Unfortunately, paper books (even board books) can get soggy and come apart, not only destroying the book but becoming a potential choking hazard for baby. Don't you wish you could let your precious little one delight in exploring books the way she'd like?



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